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Brand Guidelines

This is a guide to the language and design elements that make up Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky’s identity. It includes advice, templates, and sample executions that demonstrate how to bring our brand to life.


Primary Logo

Our logo is the guiding post for Lawyers Mutual of Kentucky’s brand. It is our primary logo for all communications. Do not stretch or skew the logo.


Our symbol speaks to justice and our service to Kentucky lawyers. It can be used alone in instances in which size is limited and/or the name is already present, such as in social media profile images, lapel pins, and favicons.


The logotype rendered here can be applied on its own or paired with the symbol.

Clear Space

Always keep a standard amount of clear space around the logo, measured by the Lawyers Mutual symbol.

Minimum Size

Recommended minimum sizes are provided here.

Improper Uses

1. Do not stretch or skew the logo.
2. Do not pull apart the logo.
3. Do not color the logo.
4. Do not rotate the logo.
5. Do not add elements to the logo.
6. Do not adjust letter spacing in the logo.
7. Do not outline the logo.
8. Do not add drop shadows to the logo.


Our Colors

Consistency in color strengthens brand recognition. Only use colors from our designated palette to help reinforce our values in all of our internal and external communications.

CMYK 65 / 43 / 26 / 78
RGB 51 / 63 / 72
HEX #333F48

CMYK 84 / 0 / 59 / 0
RGB 0 / 179 / 136
HEX #00B388

Charcoal Tints and Shades
Use the charcoal tints and shades in presentation graphs.


Green Tints and Shades
Use the green tints and shades in presentation graphs.


Color Definitions

Color works differently in print than on screen, so you’ll need different color codes for each.

Pantone (PMS)
The Pantone system is used for precise color matching – you can give a Pantone reference to any printer, anywhere, and they’ll print the exact same color.

CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black)
The print files will be delivered in CMYK color mode, which is suitable for commercial full color and everyday printing.

Note: If you try placing a CMYK file into a Microsoft Office program and the image doesn’t display correctly, try the RGB version.

RGB (Red/Green/Blue)
These colors are used in monitors, television screens, digital cameras and scanners. Digital logo files are in RGB color mode.

HEX (Hexadecimal)
This six digit code is associated with websites, viewed on a screen, and refers back to the RGB color.



Our brand typefaces balance a knowledgeable tradition with the contemporary vision of an evolving company.


Poynter Display Semibold


Objektiv Light Italic

Body Copy

Objektiv Light

Microsoft Office Headlines

Georgia Regular

Microsoft Office Subheadings

Helvetica Light Oblique

Microsoft Office Body Copy

Helvetica Light


Portrait Photography

Intentional photography in a consistent style enhances the Lawyers Mutual brand. Our photos showcase our people with empathy and understanding, confident in the advice and protection they provide Kentucky lawyers.

Office Photography

Secondary photography includes textural elements of the office and our people at work.


Pattern 1

The Lawyers Mutual patterns add versatility to the brand. The patterns may be used as background elements or as full graphic treatments on materials such as notecards or the inside of folders.

Pattern 2



Serving your practice as our own.

Core Values

Compassionate and Direct
Trust is created when care meets candor. We listen and respond with honesty to be your best advocate.

Knowledgeable and Nimble
As lawyers, we know the law and the business of law. We put that to work, approaching every challenge from a creative angle.

Zealous and Steadfast
We believe Kentucky lawyers deserve unwavering protection and support. We work tirelessly to provide both so they can do what they do best.


Kentucky lawyers deserve stalwart support.
We fight for the fighters.
We are your ally.
You’ve got their back, we’ve got yours.

Headline use cases
+ Bold ad statements
+ Web pages
+ Social header images
+ Printed collateral


Business Card Template

Use this template when making standard business cards.

+ Stock: Sundance Felt Brilliant White 110# cover and Smooth 110# cover matte.
+ 3.5” x 2”
+ 2 PMS/1 PMS; Solid coverage with bleeds on one side

Letterhead Template

Use this letterhead template when making documents.

+ Stock: Sundance Smooth, brilliant white, 24lb letterhead (or 60lb text?)
+ 8.5” x 11”
+ 1 PMS/0 No bleeds
+ Issue here is large quantity; previously letterheads were printed on Husky 5462 Digital — grain long smother 60# white. If there is a comparable alternative to Sundance Smooth but in the neenah line where the white matches the other stationery components, please quote that alternative or if you think the Husky is fine.

No. 10 Envelope Template

Use this template when making #10 envelopes.

+ Same stock as letterhead
+ 1 PMS/0

No. 9 Return Envelope Template

Use this template when making #9 envelopes.

+ 3.875” x 8.875”
+ 1 PMS/0
+ Quantity 2500

Large Envelope Template

Use this template when making larger envelopes.

Welcome Folder Template

Use this template when making welcome folders.

+ Stock: Sundance Felt 110# Brilliant White cover
+ Standard pocket folder – folds to 9”x12” with 4” glued pockets
+ 2PMS / 1PMS solid coverage on both sides
+ No business card slits

General Folder Template

Use this template when making folders.

+ Stock: Sundance Felt 110# Brilliant White cover
+ Standard pocket folder: folds to 9”x12” with 4” glued pockets
+ 2PMS / 1PMS solid coverage on outside
+ No business card slits

Notecard Template

Use this template when making notecards.

+ Stock: Sundance Smooth Brilliant White #110 cover
+ 7”x5”
+ 2 PMS / 0 with bleeds

Social Media Assets

Use these files on all of Lawyers Mutual social media platforms.

Thank you.

Any questions or suggestions, please contact:

Nancy L. Meyers
Marketing Director